10/30/2013 08:52 am ET | Updated Aug 27, 2014

All The Stuffed Shell Recipes You'll Ever Need

Edible Perspective

There's something about family meals that no fancy dish can top. Lasagna, casseroles and soups are a few of our favorites -- in our humble opinion, they give high-end dishes like lobster and foie gras a run for their money. And then, there are stuffed shells, which are easily the king of the comfort food dinners served family style.

Stuffed shells are one of the absolute best things to make when you're feeding a group. They're easy to prepare, make everyone happy and are perfectly portioned for individuals and groups alike. And the best part is that you can fill them with so many different ingredients, so they never get boring.

We've put together our favorite recipes, guaranteed to make your life (and dinnertime) easier.

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