08/28/2014 12:19 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

This Pup Who Retrieves Grocery Bags From Car Is Even Better Than Fresh Direct

Need a hand with those groceries? Well, this pooch is happy to help!

In this video uploaded to YouTube, a bullmastiff named Millie helps her owner, Gail Mackie of Kincardine, Scotland, bring in some grocery bags. The pup bites onto the grocery bag handles and happily trots back into the house to drop off the goods. When her owner tells her to get another bag from the car, the canine obediently runs back out.

Millie seems pretty stoked to be on bag-carrying duty, as she wags her tail every time she brings in a bag. Watch at the 0:41 mark as a determined Millie lugs an especially hefty bag into the house, eager to please her owners.

We wish we had a little grocery helper like Millie, after all, she's complaint-free!

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