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The Most Cringeworthy Autocorrects Of The Month

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Autocorrect can make texting fast and easy. Or, it can make your mom sound like a total perv.

In case you haven't giggled enough this month, check out the funniest autocorrects that August 2014 had to offer, courtesy of Damn You Autocorrect.

And no, we have never meant to say "ducking".

  • 1
    Only the dorm room essentials.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 2
    The Father, the Son and the holy sports drink.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 3
    Anything for charity!
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 4
    Mom... No.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 5
    MOM NO.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 6
    Don't try searching for that on Netflix.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 7
    That would be the Ellen* show.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 8
    Do NOT put your child in a casserole.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 9
    Tonight's dessert will be rated R.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 10
    Well, she's awake now.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 11
    They say food tastes better when you make it yourself...
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 12
    Technically, any of those things could make you feel better.
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 13
    Perhaps a bag of Sh*ttles instead?
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 14
    Freudian slip?
    Damn You Autocorrect
  • 15
    Step away from the phone. We repeat, Step away from the phone.
    Damn You Autocorrect

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