08/28/2014 02:14 pm ET | Updated Aug 28, 2014

The Netflix Guide To Catching Up On Your Favorite TV Shows Before Fall

Richard Cartwright via Getty Images

It's time to face the facts. It's the end of August, meaning colder days are right around the corner. But on the the plus side, so is fall TV!

Unfortunately, attempting to savor the final weeks of warm weather while catching up on any shows we missed is no easy feat ... especially with Netflix dropping tons of new TV seasons all at once. Luckily, the streaming service put together these handy guides to catching up on all your favorite shows while you're on the go.

Check them out below and then try to tell us you won't make it in time.

"Scandal" Season 3, available now

"About A Boy" Season 1, available Sept. 14
about a boy

"The Walking Dead" Season 4, available Sept. 28
the walking dead