08/30/2014 09:47 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2015

19 Women Who Have A Very Complicated Relationship With Grills

This weekend, women around the nation may encounter a foreign cooking device traditionally used to bring meat and accompanying fare to a temperature safe for human consumption. Yes, the grill. This one food preparation task traditionally outsourced to men is, incidentally, hilarious when undertaken by women.

What's funnier than a woman using a grill? Pretty much everything, but primarily: outdated stock photography that portrays women attempting to use a grill. Or standing by as a man in her life handles it for her. Or wearing poorly-chosen ensembles considering they are in close proximity to flames.

And of course, the women who deign to use this symbol of domestic masculinity will inevitably encounter a phallus-shaped meat product. No hamburgers allowed on the lady grill.

Here are 19 photos that show just how confusing a woman's relationship with grilling really is:

  • 1
    This woman is shocked, because she's just realized that you can't actually grill in an oven.
  • 2
    Men might wear sweatpants to grill, but real women only grill in pink kimonos.
  • 3
    This woman is just plain terrified of grilling ... or she's just thinking about last night's episode of "Law & Order: SVU."
  • 4
    This woman apparently grilled herself?
  • 5
    She hasn't gotten to the actual grilling yet, because obviously some light stretching is required first.
  • 6
    Sometimes grilling is just so difficult that ladies burn things ... like hot dogs. Then, being women, they cry about it.
  • 7
    This is the "straight gentleman's dream" version of women grilling. Meat. Check. Alcohol Check. Nightie. Check.
  • 8
    These women are grilling with their BFFs, because when it comes to grilling, three confused faces are better than one! Unfortunately, the blonde didn't get the memo that they were doing so in short shorts.
  • 9
    When women grill, they know how to pose at the same time. (Ladies, am I right? ) This particular griller has perfected the "Bend and Snap."
  • 10
    It's become abundantly clear that if women ever do grill, they pretty much only grill hot dogs.
  • 11
    This is a woman ... not grilling. Because, why grill in the 1950s when your husband can do it instead?
  • 12
    And look! It's 2014 and this former Abercrombie-employee is STILL grilling for these ladies. Though they're probably not married.
  • 13
    And another woman not grilling (this was a major stock photo theme). Although, let's face it: grilling
  • 14
    This lady griller is really really happy. And she's still grilling hot dogs.
  • 15
    Suzanne Szasz via Getty Images
    This woman appears to be assisting the man of the household by getting dangerously close to the flame itself. Only one of her kids seems concerned about it. This is why they were the Greatest Generation.
  • 16
    Tom Kelley Archive via Getty Images
    Lean in? I'd rather cling adoringly to the smug man in my life who appears to be preparing a meal for a "Game Of Thrones" scene.
  • 17
    Jonathan Kirn
    Looks pretty bland to us. But whatever you're into.
  • 18
    JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images
    This woman looks like she's part of an exhibit at the children's museum.


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