Bear With 'Bucket' Stuck On Its Head Is Now Free, Thanks To Brave Volunteers

09/03/2014 04:24 pm ET | Updated Sep 03, 2014

The "Bucket Bear" is now beyond the pail.

A Clarion County, Pennsylvania, bear with a bucket-like item stuck on its head for more than a month was freed of its entanglement Monday.

The "bucket" turned out to be a "maxi," a device that provides cushioning between a tractor and trailer, ABC 30 reported. It had a metal rim, which is why volunteers couldn't just pull it free.

As soon as the bucket came off, the bear burst out from under one of the volunteers and "jumped up and ran right away," Dean Hornberger, a rescuer, told PennLive.

The "Bucket Bear," as it had been dubbed, had been spotted in the area for at least a month, although some reported seeing it stumbling around as early as July 4, PennLive noted.

The animal's plight was recently picked up by a Save The Bucket Bear Facebook page. The page urged local game officials to humanely remove the item from the bear, but a trap was reportedly unsuccessful.

Hornberger noticed the Facebook page and organized the search-and-free mission.

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