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10 Reasons Friendly's Is The Best Chain Restaurant In The Country

Flickr: Mike Mozart

If you've ever taken a drive through the northeastern part of the country, you've certainly come across a Friendly's (or 50). Their red and white signs are a part of the landscape in this region of America, and it's just one more reason native New Englanders can be proud of their heritage. That, and Plymouth Rock.

To the unfamiliar eye, Friendly's looks just like any other chain restaurant. It has the oversized laminated menu. The booths are made from the same hard vinyl. And the decor is not lacking in kitsch. BUT, upon closer inspection, it becomes incredibly clear that Friendly's is a chain restaurant which cannot be replicated by another name. It's partly because of the family spirit, but mostly because of the ice cream.

Friendly's stands apart from all the rest -- and here's why:

Please note, we are in no way sponsored by Friendly's. This editor just really, honestly loves them.

  • 1 Best ice cream shake in the country, hands down.
    Flickr: L.
    The Fribble is a super thick milkshake. We don't know how they make this magic happen, but we know we want it all the time. FRIBBLE 4 LIFE.
  • 2 The butter crunch ice cream is a true taste of heaven.
    Guys, it's called BUTTER crunch. And it really tastes like butter.
  • 3 The Friendly's ice cream window is a sign that all is right in the world.
    Flickr: Mike Mozart
    It's pure genius, really. Ice cream windows are better than drive-thru windows. Better than double-paned windows. They're the best kind of windows out there.
  • 4 At Friendly's, this is a perfectly acceptable meal.
    Flickr: JeepersMedia
    No one will judge you. They won't even bat an eye.
    Flickr: apalapala
    The peanut butter cup sundae cannot be topped. It comes with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter topping, hot fudge, sprinkles, and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • 6 They know how to experiment and keep things fresh.
    Flickr: John Kannenberg
    That's a double grilled cheeseburger thing you're looking at.
  • 7 But we like them even better when they stay classic.
    Flickr: Robyn Lee
    It's all about the SuperMelts.
  • 8 They're always there when you need them.
    Flickr: Robyn Lee
    Seeing a freezer full of Friendly's at your grocery store is like bumping into an old friend when you least expect it.
  • 9 The genius that is a Cone Head Sundae.
    Flickr: Robyn Lee
    Every child deserves to know the joy of this sundae.
  • 10 The red and white sign lets you know that you're home.
    Flickr: Mike Mozart
    Friendly's is a part of the northeastern landscape -- and we like it that way.

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