09/05/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated Sep 05, 2014

12 Times Cheese Pizza Made Celebrities (And Cartoons) Insanely Happy


September 5th is officially the greatest day of the year -- better than Black Friday, better than Christmas, even better than Halloween, because this day, friends, is National Cheese Pizza Day. We celebrate many random (er, ridiculous) food holidays -- National Penuche Fudge Day, for example -- but cheese pizza is one food that actually deserves a day of honoring.

Cheese pizza has always been there for us. It was there at all of our school parties; there when we barely had two pennies to rub together; there at two in the morning, when we were starving (and maybe drunk) and seriously needed some food.

Some folks might think pepperoni is where it's at. Others are convinced that the more toppings one pie holds, the better. It's true that those options are good, but if it weren't for cheese pizza -- or even better, extra cheese pizza -- none of those other pies would even exist. Cheese pizza is the base that makes it all possible. And so, cheese pizza rules.

On the fifth day of September we give thanks to the humble, but great cheese pizza, because it has made our world endlessly happy -- celebrities, nobodies, and animated cartoons alike. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

  • 1 Rudy was never as happy as she was in this very moment.
    We always knew Rudy was our favorite Huxtable. She was wise beyond her years.
  • 2 Cheese pizza even makes Ryan Gosling smile -- as much as is possible through his everlasting stoicism.
    Hey girl, CHEESE PIZZA.
  • 3 Puppies + pizza = world happiness.
    Okay, so there is some pepperoni on this pizza -- but it's the cheese that makes it so awesome.
  • 4 In this very moment, Julia is even too happy to smile. That's huge.
    Julia Roberts was the first person brave enough to say what we all felt: Who needs love when you have cheese pizza.
  • 5 We can almost physically feel the joy Nigella is experiencing lost in all that cheese pizza.
    She has got mad pizza-eating skillz -- with a z because, RESPECT.
  • 6 Pizza even makes Jordan Catalano, um, we mean Jared Leto, happy.
    (And only Angela Chase knew how hard that could be.)
  • 7 In this moment, Macaulay Culkin is the happiest kid on the planet earth.
    This is how we feel every time we order cheese pizza.
  • 8 The Ninja Turtles were awesome for many reasons, but mostly because they understood the joy that is pizza.
  • 9 Pizza comas are the happiest of food comas.
    We're proud of you, Peggy.
  • 10 This is how joy manifests itself in illustrations.
    Only made possible by cheese pizza.
  • 11 So much happiness, Liz Lemon can't even control herself.
    Liz Lemon is an inspiration to all of us cheese pizza lovers. She has done what we've all wanted to do.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

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