09/23/2013 08:39 am ET | Updated Oct 13, 2014

Cinnamon Dessert Recipes That Are Perfect For Fall

When it comes to making dessert, you might not automatically think to dip into your spice cabinet, but forgetting this trusty trove would be a big mistake. Spices, be they hot or herbal, can be your desserts' best friend, enhancing or leveling out the sweet and the rich. One spice that transcends the mealtime boundary especially well, working great with both savory and sweet dishes alike, is cinnamon, that humble spice that's so versatile we may even take it for granted.

In fact, cinnamon takes center stage in some of our favorite desserts, from snickerdoodles, to coffee cake, and Mexican hot chocolate. It's the perfect complement to some of fall's best foods, including apples and pumpkin, and with its warming spiciness and earthy flavor, it brings a quintessentially fall quality to everything it touches. So now is the perfect time to dive into your spice cabinet and let this trusty, everyday spice tickle your sweet tooth. Get started with these 48 awesome recipes.

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Cinnamon-spiced dishes