01/15/2014 08:11 am ET | Updated Apr 08, 2015


Etsy: Artwonders

When it comes to all things dairy, there's a lot to love. Between the butter -- of which we fully admit we're addicted to -- the heavy cream -- that we adore -- and the ice cream, no one can deny this food group's greatness. And we didn't even get started on the cheese.

Cheese is tops when it comes to dairy; the sheer varieties alone confirm this. With choices like feta, cheddar and ricotta, there's a type of cheese for everyone. And then there's Swiss. This hole-riden cheese has given us many great pots of fondue and even more perfect sandwiches. While Swiss's flavor profile doesn't demand a ton of attention, its mild and sweet taste still has a lot to love. And we're ready to share our adoration for Swiss with all the best swag Etsy has to offer. We suggest you do too.

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