Lesbians Take Kissing Selfie While Seated Next To Anti-Gay Pundit Vitaly Milonov

02/04/2015 09:16 am ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Seated next to one of Russia's most notorious anti-gay pundits on an airplane is the perfect time to kiss your same-sex partner.

A lesbian couple decided to do just that when they wound up next to Russian councilman Vitaly Milonov, the man behind St. Petersburg's infamous "homosexual propaganda" law, on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg. They shared a kiss, took a selfie and posted it to Instagram.

"Who is that in the background??? MILONOV!" read the caption on the photo posted to the Instagram of Infinitykseniya, according to a HuffPost translation. "And we don’t give a fuck! We’re flying to our favorite club, 'Infinity.'"

Milonov later spoke to the Agence France-Presse about the encounter, calling all gay people "mentally ill".

"The lesbians went through with this photo session due to their stupidity," Milonov told AFP. "It shows that all LGBT people are mentally ill. They have overdosed on so-called European values. They should have to do a photo session in a police station."

He also said he plans to investigate Infinity, which is a lesbian club. In December, he led a raid on a gay club in St. Petersburg that resulted in the detainment of multiple minors, according to the Moscow Times.

A federal measure modeled on Milonov's 2012 law was passed by the Russian legislature in 2013. The laws, which ban the promotion of "non-traditional sexual relationships,” have drawn the ire of human rights groups around the world.

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