Andy Cohen Shuts Down 'Real Housewives' For 'My Gays' Comments

02/04/2015 02:29 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

FINALLY, someone said it.

For seasons upon seasons the women of "The Real Housewives" franchises have gotten away with using the phrase "my gays" in a weird sense of ownership over the men in their lives who have sex with other men. This week, with Lance Bass as one of the guests on "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen took two minutes out of the program to address these disparaging comments.

After showing a mash-up of instances where some women of "Real Housewives" have used the phrase "my gays," Cohen turned to the camera to address the issue.

"Even though some of your friends might be gay, which is great, they are not 'yours.' You do not own them," he said. "We are not cattle. We are not purses. And the next time you feel like saying 'my gays' replace it with 'my blacks' and see how that turns out."

Check the clip out for yourself above (H/T Instinct)

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