Fictional Billionaires Charted From Good To Evil

02/05/2015 01:46 pm ET | Updated Feb 05, 2015

When it comes to being rich and nice, Saint Nick beats Batman.

Santa Claus topped website Dorkly's ranking of fictional billionaires from good to evil, edging out Bruce Wayne and another superhero alter-ego, Iron Man's Tony Stark.

Smaug, the dragon from "The Hobbit," sat at the bottom as the most evil.

Chart author Chloe Cole noted that "the richer you are, the more likely it is that you are a mythical creature (a dragon, a talking Scottish duck or a fat, flying man.)"

As for a certain F. Scott Fitzgerald character played by Robert Redford and Leo DiCaprio, she concluded, "Jay Gatsby is not a good person, but he is very, very handsome."

For more female representation next time, may we suggest Cruella de Vil? The fur-loving heiress is more than mean enough to hold her own at the evil end of the chart.


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