Japan's Fox Village Is Like, 'OMFG Foxes!'

02/05/2015 12:09 pm ET | Updated Feb 05, 2015

What does the fox say?

The fox appears to squeak over and over again in the most adorable way possible. But maybe that's just Foxanese for, "Give me all the food, tourist."

Forget cat cafes and bunny islands -- those animals are far too tame. At Zao Fox Village in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, the foxes run wild. Well, maybe not wild wild. The fox village is a sanctuary for about 100 free-roaming foxes, according to Kotaku East.

Visitors can purchase food to feed the foxes for the equivalent of about a dollar. Although foxes can be tamed and made into pets, the sanctuary doesn't recommend petting its residents or feeding them by hand.

But they're just amazing to look at.

"The main reason to visit Fox Village is that they are just so darn cute," helpfully adds.

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