17 Times Mom And Dad Couldn't Figure Out This Dang Computer

02/05/2015 05:49 pm ET | Updated Feb 06, 2015

Did Dad just try to print a YouTube video?

Every generation deals with a steep learning curve when it comes to the younger generations' newfangled technology. When we're old, this internet thing will be ancient, computers will be the size of atoms, and our kids will laugh at us trying to figure out how to use the brain-to-Matrix holographic interface.

For now though, it's our turn to laugh at those moments when our parents had difficulties with computers and the internet:

  • When dad couldn't figure out why his laptop wouldn't charge.
    It's all about eliminating possibilities.
  • When mom gave you her computer info.
    That was a good model.
  • When they needed to borrow your laptop for just an hour or so.
    But ... How? ... Why?
  • When dad couldn't decipher a basic emoticon.
    Hey, at least it's a smiley face.
  • When mom forgot to turn off the laptop before shipping it.
    Good thing she shipped it express.
  • When they couldn't figure out why the internet wasn't working.
    "Everything's plugged in!"
  • When dad tried to print a YouTube video.
    He could have been printing the comments or video info? ... Please let that be the real reason.
  • When mom couldn't find where she saved that photo.
    And revealed herself to be a desktop hoarder.
  • When dad spilled water on his laptop, then dried it off in the oven.
    We've heard of rice before, but this?
  • When they needed search help. A LOT of search help.
    "Monkey juggling coconuts, help me!"
  • When mom thought putting the computer up higher would lead to faster internet.
    Yeah, and the teddy bear keeps viruses out.
  • When they couldn't figure out why their computer was so hot.
    There are undiscovered mummies covered with less dust.
  • When they forgot to use protection (on their computer).
    Kinda like how you got here! ... Ehh, sorry.
  • When dad took your laptop keyboard because you got a wireless one.
    Makes sense?
  • When they thought you shared a selfie by putting it in the mail.
    This is better than spamming your Facebook wall, TBH.
  • When mom tried to order a 'mixer' online.
  • When dad couldn't find the 'any' key.
    Admit it, you could hear your parents asking this.

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