9 Rejected 'Magic Mike XXL' Posters That Just Weren't Sexy Enough

02/06/2015 05:20 pm ET | Updated Feb 06, 2015

The "Magic Mike XXL" trailer was released yesterday to the collective ow-ow-OW! of the internet. Perhaps you heard the readying crumple sounds of one dollar bills that echoed across the landscape. The film's poster leaves little to the imagination.

Lead actor Channing Tatum is pointing both hands at his crotch, which states that the film is "COMING 7.01.15." ... See, by "coming" they mean -- okay, okay, just making sure you got it.

That wasn't even the first idea. These are some of the other "Magic Mike XXL" movie posters that were rejected for just not quite being sexy enough.

  • Mike Wearing Dad Clothes
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Pointing At Magic: The Gathering
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Being Looked At Disapprovingly By Bea Arthur
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Wearing A Denim Fanny Pack
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Pointing To The "Red Wedding" Scene From "Game of Thrones"
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Wearing A Dr. Seuss Raver Hat
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Pointing To The Film "Sophie's Choice"
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike & Math
    HuffPost Comedy
  • Mike Holding Copies Of "Atlas Shrugged" By Ayn Rand
    HuffPost Comedy

All images via Getty and Imgur.

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