17 Couples You'd Rather Not Be On Valentine's Day (Or Any Other Day)

02/12/2015 04:41 pm ET | Updated Feb 12, 2015

Is this really what you want?

Valentine's Day can be a stressful and often lonely time for single people. Couples are parading around everywhere in sight, showing off their love in the most conspicuous ways imaginable. But you don't want any part of that, trust us.

Here are some examples of couples who make stressing about being single on Valentine's Day just not worth the effort:

  • Couples who sit on the same side of the booth.
    Don't you want to look at each other?
  • Couples with mispelled couple tattoos.
    Way to short.
  • Couples who feed each other.
    And the friends' appetites they destroy.
  • Couples who can't do anything apart.
    He did let her have the big screen. Maybe that's love?
  • Couples who #WIFE.
    You forgot #thewifening #wife-a-palooza #2wife2furious #LateNightWithWifenOBrien.
  • Couples who are absolutely in love, but not with spelling.
  • Couples ignorant to the fact that they'll never fit together.
    Maybe it's like a 3D puzzle.
  • Couples protecting each other from evil computer equipment.
  • Couples who will unfortunately never forget each other's names.
  • Couples whose love is hindered by gravity.
    Physics is the real heartbreaker.
  • Couples who constantly have to remind you this husband is taken.
    Sorry, ladies.
  • Couples who have the best adventures.
  • Couples who have joint Facebook accounts.
    A relationship brimming with trust.
  • Couples who can't break up, because then their tattoo is just erratic pen markings.
  • Couples who aren't afraid to creep everyone else the hell out in public.
  • Couples who can't figure out this sex thing.
    "Doctor, we've been trying for months -- what are we doing wrong?"
  • Couples so in love they need a wood chipper.

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