Guys Read The Texts They Send To Their Girlfriends, And It's Equally Hilarious And Cringeworthy

02/12/2015 01:05 pm ET | Updated Feb 12, 2015

Get ready to say "aww."

Elite Daily's "Guys Hilariously Read Each Other’s Texts They Sent To Their Girlfriends" video is exactly what it sounds like: guys reading off the gushy texts other guys send to their girlfriends.

Some particularly adorable texts -- or nauseating, depending on how you look at it -- include:

  • "I wanna see the blush! Why can’t you just be here right now? I wanna kiss you!”
  • "Yay for kisses!”
  • “Yay for boarding, boo for delays!"
  • "Oh no, that's terrible! I want you to have a good day, I'll have to talk to the days."

Yep. Those are some serious gems.

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