23 Valentine's Day Stock Photos That Will Make You Glad You're So Utterly Single

02/13/2015 11:40 am ET | Updated Feb 13, 2015

This Singles Awareness Day, remember that love isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the goofy world of stock photography, where stupid cupids, awkward couples and amusing salads intersect in a train wreck of bad romance.

While these images may fail to capture the grandeur of love, at least they provide a little comic relief for the singles among us. This is dedicated to anyone who's ever had a date from hell.

  • Love is a stranger with a wedgie.
    Andy Reynolds via Getty Images
  • Happy Valentine's Day, here's a lobster!
    Image Source via Getty Images
    "Had another but it got away."
  • Gordon needs love, too.
    MelleVaroy via Getty Images
    Not saying it's got to be you.
  • Nothing says love like matching inoperable tumors.
    Peter Dazeley via Getty Images
  • You never know when love is going to stab you in the butt.
    charlie schuck via Getty Images
    Take heart... It'll be okay in the end.
  • Lloyd shows his true colors to a select few.
    Glenda Powers via Getty Images
  • It's like 'Her,' desktop version.
    chuwy via Getty Images
  • "I filled this glass heart with blood and hung it from my lip."
    Igor Balasanov via Getty Images
    10/10 would run away in terror.
  • Somebunny loves you.
    LoulouVonGlup via Getty Images
    Nobunny is probably better.
  • Love between mimes: A silent affair
    vladimir_karpenyuk via Getty Images
  • First he stole her heart. Then he stole her identity.
    RazoomGames via Getty Images
  • "That's okay, I'll make my own salad."
    innovatedcaptures via Getty Images
  • "I'll never let go, Jack."
    efenzi via Getty Images
  • Happy Valentine's Day from your "secret admirer"
    Anton Ferreira via Getty Images
  • The clothes don't make the man.
    Lisa F. Young via Getty Images
    The novelty sunglasses do.
  • "I love you. Here's some poems about how my dad's a jerk."
    franck camhi via Getty Images
  • Come back to my place?
    Image Source via Getty Images
    It's cozy and the floor is made of grass.
  • Hungry for love!
    ValaGrenier via Getty Images
    It was a shotgun wedding.
  • Sugarnips wasn't just a pet name.
    Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images
  • Hold me closer, tiny dancer.
    Felix Hug via Getty Images
    Quit playing games with my heart.
  • Happy Valentine's Day from your landlord!
    Rubberball/Mark Andersen via Getty Images
  • It's clearly a match.
    Creatas via Getty Images
  • Nothing is sexier than tossed salad in bed.
    gmast3r via Getty Images

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