Amari Cooper Shows Off His Strength With Clapping Pullups

02/17/2015 12:35 pm ET | Updated Feb 17, 2015

Clapping pushups? That's so 2014.

The newest hotness is clapping pullups. Why stop when your chin is above the bar, when you could heave yourself above it, let go of the bar, clap, then grab the bar again and repeat?

Former Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper showed off this impressive feat of strength on Instagram Sunday, before heading to the NFL Combine, which starts this week.

A video posted by Amari Cooper (@amaricooper9) on

"If you judge me by yesterday's results then that's your first mistake," Cooper wrote in a caption accompanying the video. "I'm always getting better."

If that's indeed the case, Cooper, let's see you try dancing pullups next.

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