This Live-Action 'Frozen' Parody Proves It's Finally Time To 'Let It Go'

02/20/2015 02:02 pm ET | Updated Feb 20, 2015

Mae Whitman probably doesn't want to build a snowman anytime soon.

For the first time in forever, Funny or Die is taking you behind the scenes of Disney's new live-action version of "Frozen." In this adaptation, "The DUFF" stars Bella Thorne and Whitman bring our favorite heroines, Anna and her sister Frozen Girl ... er ... Salsa ... uh ... the blue one, to life. There's an actual moose, crows eating a dead animal for some reason and more method acting than a Daniel Day-Lewis film.

Okay, so this is actually just a parody. But, if anything, it shows us it might be time to end this whole "Frozen" craze. And by the way, where the heck is Olaf? It looks like Eliza could use a warm hug right about now ... er ... whatever her name is.

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