The Recipes You Need To Cook This Weekend

02/20/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated Feb 24, 2015

There are a couple notable things about this weekend. One, it's still February, which means, spring is still far away. Two, President's Day is behind us, which means we used up our last long weekend for a while -- if you even got the day off in the first place. Three, did we mention it's still February?

If you live in a part of the country that isn't locked in cold and hasn't been leveled by snow or the more mild, less pleasant wintery mix, good for you. Your decision always looks like the right one this time of year. If your weekend plans consist of hunkering down inside and possibly shoveling out your driveway again, we feel for you.

The good news is the Academy Awards is this weekend, which means some of you will be glued to your screens for at least six hours on Sunday, while others will be asking, "Who?" Whether you're a red carpet fanatic or could care less about Hollywood's biggest night (come on, we know you care a little...), this weekend is a good occasion to go big and snack hard. Winter, however it's treating you, is here for a little while longer, so make the most of it and cook some seasonal recipes, some dishes to share with a crowd and some snacks to munch on well into the week.

It's all about endurance this weekend. Here are 11 weekend recipes to get you through the big show and the worst part of the season.

  • 1 Kick Off The Weekend By Making Nutella Breakfast Cereal
    A Beautiful Mes
    If you don't finish all of the cereal over the course of the weekend, you'll have decadent breakfasts to get you through the week. Get the Nutella Breakfast Cereal recipe from A Beautiful Mess
  • 2 Make Pancakes
    A Beautiful Mess
    Pancakes are always a good idea on the weekend and you know it. Get the Banana Nut Pancakes recipe by A Beautiful Mess
  • 3 Make Some Snacks For The Oscars
    Prepare for many hours of nibbling. Get the Party Pretzel Bites recipe from fiveandspice via Food52
  • 4 Get Kind Of Fancy
    The Pig And Quill
    If there was ever a night to get a little fancy, Oscars night is it. Get red carpet fancy and couch comfortable with homey but upscale treats. We're thinking anything with ricotta. Get the Parmesan, Ricotta And Spaghetti Squash Fritters recipe from The Pig And Quill
  • 5 Throw Some Arancini Into Your Oscars Mix
    Martha Stewart
    Arancini is Italy's best street food, and it just became your new best friend for parties, snacking and general happiness. Get the Arancini With Sage recipe from Martha Stewart
  • 6 Don't Be Afraid To Go Overboard
    Two Peas And Their Pod
    You can never have enough popcorn. Get the Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn recipe from Two Peas And Their Pod
  • 7 No Really, Make A Ton Of Popcorn
    Naturally Ella
    Popcorn isn't only easy, but it will feed a crowd for as many star-gazing hours as you plan to spend in front of the TV this weekend. Get the Adobo Popcorn recipe from Naturally Ella
  • 8 Feed A Crowd And Make It Easy On Yourself By Cooking In Your Skillet
    How Sweet It Is
    Skillet recipes are brilliant for feeding a lot of people, and the dishes lend themselves well to wintertime feasting. Just check out this recipe to see what we mean. Get the Skillet Brussels Bacon Mac recipe from How Sweet It Is
    Naturally Ella
    Not into skillet mac and cheese? How about making a skillet pizza? Get the Brussels Sprout And Meyer Lemon Pizza recipe from Naturally Ella
  • 10 Fortify With A Pot Roast
    The Wicked Noodle
    And thank yourself when you have leftovers waiting at home on Monday night. Get the Chuck Roast With Balsamic And Dijon recipe from The Wicked Noodle
  • 11 And Top It All Off With Something Exquisite
    This recipe is as simple as it is devine, and in our books, every weekend is a good excuse to eat burrata. Get the Lemon + Olive Oil Marinated Fennel with Burrata + Mint recipe by CarolineRight from Food52

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