A Brief Recap Of Oprah's Reaction Shots From The 2015 Oscars

02/22/2015 11:05 pm ET | Updated Feb 22, 2015
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

With the 87th annual Academy Awards well underway, one person has already won our hearts: Oprah. Or rather, Oprah's reaction face, to be precise.

Take for instance the moment she learned she was "rich" from Neil Patrick Harris:

Well, yeah ...

Stedman obviously got in on the fun:

Then the Oscars were like, "You get a Lego! And you get a Lego! And you get a Lego statue!"

Oprah gifs

And Oprah was all:

Following Jennifer Hudson's performance, pal and supporter Oprah was very much, "Yes!"

When John Legend and Common took the stage to perform "Glory," Oprah let her emotions show:

And when "Glory" went on to win an Oscar for Best Original Song:

Never change, Oprah.

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