9 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

02/24/2015 10:43 am ET | Updated Mar 02, 2015
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You'll be ready for anything — last-minute job interviews, date night, sudden snowfall — with these on-the-go essentials.

By Candace Braun Davison

  • 1 The Lifeline Extender
    A dead cell phone is about as useful as carrying a paperweight everywhere you go. Mophie's Juice Pack Plus more than doubles your battery life — up to 31 hours of talk time — and the case's cushy internal rubber bumpers help protect your cell from falls. $120, Mophie.com
  • 2 The Time-Starved Woman's Beauty Secret
    Makeup can easily clutter up your purse, sending you on a treasure hunt any time you want a touchup. The Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette has everything you need in one handy (and on-trend) rose-gold-toned compact: six neutral-to-night-out eyeshadows, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner and full-size lipgloss. $54, Sephora
  • 3 The Ultimate Shoe-Saver
    Boot Rescue/Oprah.com
    If you've really stepped in it — and by "it," we mean snow salt, dirt and other grime — these cleansing wipes will restore your boots to their former glory. The best part? They work on all fabrics, including leather and suede. $7 for a pack of 15 wipes, BootRescue.ca
  • 4 The Midday Pick-Me-Up
    Torie and Howard/Oprah.com
    For those Must. Resist. The. Vending. Machine. Moments: It's good to have a low-calorie treat within arm's reach. These organic hard candies are gluten-, dairy- and corn syrup-free, making them a guilt-free way to curb mindless snacking. $5, TorieandHoward.com
  • 5 The Bad-Hair-Day Fixer
    How is it that our hair can go from Kate Middleton-ish to flat and stringy (or frizzy) all within our morning commute? Emi Jay's hair ties keep you looking polished, and the wide, flat band means your hair will be dent-free if you take it down later. $11 for 5-pack, Emi-Jay.com
  • 6 The Vacation In A Bottle
    Life Therapy/Oprah.com
    This roll-on perfume is a blend of pineapple leaf, gardenia and palm bark, giving you a whiff of the islands without making you smell like you bathed in piña colada. Dab it behind your ears and on your wrists for a gentle scent that lasts all day. $38, Lifetherapy.com
  • 7 The Compliment-Snagging Card Case
    Though it has compartments to store your ID, credit and debit cards, this case won't take up precious square inches of purse space. Plus, the glittery exterior — and gold polka-dot interior — provide a fun flash of personality the next time you trade business cards. $35, DeuxLux.com
  • 8 The Spa Retreat For Your Hands
    Laura Mercier's thick, extra-hydrating hand cream helps make dry, cracked skin a thing of the past. Plus, its warm caramel and French vanilla bean scent is so luscious that you'll be looking for excuses to reapply it. $18, Sephora
  • 9 The Instant Stress Reliever
    A minty treat isn't just great for freshening your breath — research has also found it can help decrease anxiety and fatigue [http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Find-Peace-of-Mind-Reduce-Anxiety], making it a sanity-saver when a traffic jam turns your 20-minute commute into a 2-hour-long one. Here are two options we love. Origins Peace of Mind gumballs, $6.50; BostonStore.com, Peppymint drops, $8.50; Aveda

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