Dog Poop And Glasses: The Jerry-est Thing Jim O'Heir Has Done

02/25/2015 04:44 pm ET | Updated Feb 25, 2015

In real life, Jim O'Heir isn't exactly like his goofy, affable character Jerry on the beloved "Parks and Recreation." But that doesn't mean O'Heir is devoid of Jerry moments outside of the show.

"Just recently, somebody tweeted me and said, 'Jim, I'm having a very bad day, make me smile.' I said, 'Well I'm going to tell you what happened to me this morning,'" O'Heir told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps in a Wednesday interview. "I was out picking up the dog poop in the yard. I bent over, and my glasses that were on my very loose shirt fell down and landed smack-dab in the pile of poop. Now that is a Jerry moment."

"Parks" finished its seven-season run Tuesday night with a memorable season finale, filled with cheery and tear-filled flash-forwards. Jerry, whose real name is Garry (though he also went by Larry and Terry at different points in the show), got to enjoy a pretty nice ending.

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  • 1 She's all about love.
    NBC via Getty Images
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