Danish Police Arrest Suspected Copenhagen Gunman Accomplice

02/27/2015 07:30 am ET | Updated Apr 29, 2015

COPENHAGEN, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Danish police said they arrested a young man on Friday and charged him with complicity in the shootings in Copenhagen on Feb. 14 and 15 in which two people were killed and five police officers wounded.

Police had no further comments. Danish media reports described the man as personally connected with the gunman, Omar El-Hussein, who was shot dead by police on Feb. 15.

Two other men have also been detained on charges of aiding Hussein.

State-owned DR TV reported that all three men charged with complicity in the shootings knew each other, and lived in the same neighborhood as Hussein.

Authorities say Hussein was the man who fired on an event promoting free speech, killing movie director Finn Norgaard, and at a synagogue, killing volunteer Jewish guard Dan Uzan.

A preliminary legal hearing for the newly arrested man is to take place Saturday. (Reporting by Alexander Tange; Editing by Andrew Roche)

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