Jimmy Fallon Cracks The Best John Travolta-Idina Menzel Joke Of The Season

02/28/2015 01:53 pm ET

Jimmy Fallon has the perfect joke to end the latest round of John Travolta-Idina Menzel chatter.

The two stars' fates became forever entwined at last years' Oscars after Travolta accidentally called Menzel "Adele Dazeem." In Fallon's "Thank You Notes" segment on "The Tonight Show" on Friday, the host addressed the new talk following Travolta weirdly grabbing Menzel's face at this year's ceremony.

"Thank you, John Travolta, for grabbing Idina Menzel's face at the Oscars," he said. "Or, as she put it, 'Let it go, let it go.'"

And with that, we can forever retire all "Let it Go" punch lines.

Fallon also expressed his thanks to Alaska, Netflix and kale.

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