03/02/2015 02:05 pm ET | Updated Mar 02, 2015

New Details Revealed About 2012 Texas Police Shooting Of Migrants From Helicopter


The black and white helicopter circled over the disabled truck. Avila, in his camouflage tactical gear, sat in the open door of the helicopter holding his LaRue OBR rifle. It was a late October afternoon, and the temperature had soared into the mid-90s. A game warden chased after the men who had fled. Another warden stood in the bed of the disabled truck, telling Jose Isabel and the others not to move.

“Tell them to check the status on the bed,” Avila told Holland again.

The game wardens had called in the helicopter after the truck’s driver failed to signal a right turn in the border town of Sullivan City, according to a Texas Parks and Wildlife incident report. When the wardens hit their siren and the truck didn’t stop, a high-speed pursuit began.

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