03/05/2015 12:24 pm ET | Updated Mar 05, 2015

21 Recipes That Are Way Cuter Baked In A Muffin Pan

Hold on to your muffin pans, friends. Baking just got easier. And teensier. And cuter.

In the past, you've put your muffin pans and cupcake tins to work, making delicious bite-sized, itty-bitty treats. But if that's all you use the bakeware for, you're not letting it live up to its supreme potential.

You see, with a muffin tin, you don't just make a muffin. With a cupcake pan (which is exactly the same thing as a muffin tin), you don't just produce a cupcake. You can go savory and serve up little rounds of stuffing (hello, new Thanksgiving tradition). You can bake a bunch of eggs at once, which results in a dozen perfectly shaped whites and yolks (hello, perfect brunch party). You can even bake chips into a curved little cup, to hold the homemade hummus you'll whip together as they bake. Check out 21 cute-as-heck foods you can bake in the multipurpose wonder below.

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Muffin Recipes