03/05/2015 10:00 am ET | Updated Mar 05, 2015

Animal Uprising: Octopus Attempts Escape At Seattle Aquarium (VIDEO)

Earlier this week a wily octopus impressed Reddit by grabbing a camera and turning it on some scientists. And if that wasn't freaky enough, in February, someone documented an octopus lunging out of water attack a crab.

Now, footage taken at the Seattle Aquarium on Feb. 26 catches another octopus in an act of armed resistance -- eight-armed resistance, to be exact.

In video posted to LiveLeak Wednesday, the serious cephalopod scales the wall of its enclosure. Visitors marvel at the mollusk's feat, but a few people just can't handle it when it whips a tentacle or two over the top. Someone -- it's not clear if its aquarium staff -- is then forced to literally handle the situation, tossing the tentacle back in bounds.

Animal Uprising: Brace yourself, human.


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