03/05/2015 12:05 pm ET | Updated Mar 05, 2015

Teens Watch '90s Music Videos For The First Time, Are Completely Fascinated

If you grew up in the 1990s, Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" was probably a staple of your childhood. But for today's teens, it's a bizarre relic.

Buzzfeed had eight teenagers watch music videos from the '90s, and their reactions were pretty priceless.

“I never really, uh, thought about the naughty private school girl until I saw this video," one teen said while watching the Britney clip.

"I love this song because it was on 'Glee,'" added another when Sisqo's "Thong Song" started to play.

The conclusion? '90s videos were just "more abstract," and "now it's like, 'Oh, let’s stick a butt in there.'"

Can't argue with that.


  • Colorful, Oversized Watches

    Remember when all of the cool girls had these? Now they're back in colors that will perfectly complement your spring wardrobe and send a cheeky message: You were cool enough to wear one back then, and you're bold enough to wear one now.
  • Floral-Print Babydoll Dresses
    Image via Huffington Post

    These quintessential '90s staples are kind of already coming back around, but why not go full-on Winona Ryder from "Reality Bites," pair the little dress with Doc Martens and stand around looking disaffected yet adorable? We say yes to the (babydoll) dress.
  • Keds With EVERYTHING

    Sure, this classic has never truly gone away, but we sometimes wish we could ditch our sky-high shooties, good-in-virtually-no-weather cutout boots, and blister-inducing "comfortable" flats and just LIVE in these.
  • Rollerblades, Dude.

    Turns out they're still pretty good exercise! If anyone gives you grief, you can argue with them from a moral high horse: after all, rollerblading is a super-green way to get around, and it'll make you pretty fit as well. Take a cue from Cindy and pair them with effortless California beach-girl waves, which never go out of style.
  • Windbreakers
    Image via Blogspot.

    While the military surplus jacket (think Daria or Lindsay Weir from "Freaks and Geeks") has been a reliable staple for winter-to-spring and summer-to-fall transitions, we wish we could have a little more fun with our outerwear. A windbreaker in an awesome print, paired with skinny jeans and skate shoes? We think you can rock it.
  • Overalls All Day

    These have to be selected carefully, of course, but we think overalls can be totally adorable. Here are some tips for updating the farmer's favorite.
  • Flowing Locks, For Him
    Image via Tumblr.

    We're ready for the triumphant return of dudes with long, flowing locks. See: Jared Leto, and...actually, on second thought, maybe only Jared Leto.
  • Big Hoop Earrings
    Image Source via Getty Images

    Super-thin, big-enough-to-jump-through earrings were all the rage in the '90s, and we wish more people would wear them now. It's still a sexy look for a night out and adds flair to any daytime look.
  • Fannypacks. (Yeah, We Went There.)

    These have been popping up on runways and are a staple of festival style, although they do invite a certain amount of derision. This was the original iteration of "hands-free," and we want someone to make them cool again. We choose you.