This Trick Will Make Your Low-Cut Tops Work-Appropriate (VIDEO)

03/05/2015 09:11 am ET | Updated Mar 05, 2015

How much cleavage is too much cleavage? While some men might argue there's no such thing, Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, says there's a fine line between tasteful and tawdry.

In O magazine's fashion closet, the setting for Glassman's new web series "#Adam Says," he and his co-host Ali Wentworth meet Geordani, a woman who likes to show off her assets. But is she showing too much?

Wentworth doesn't think so. "Honey, if I had your rack I'd be at St. Bart's with a thong," she says.

Geordani has a great figure, but fashion expert Glassman thinks her tiny top is distracting. "I think if you walk into a room and people are looking at your cleavage first and aren't looking at your eyes, that's too much cleavage," he says.

Geordani works as a bartender, where she says her low-cut tops "definitely" get her tips. A little bit of cleavage is fine, Glassman says, but subtle can also be sexy. "You're better off leaving a little imagination," he says.

"Wrap the gift," Wentworth chimes in.

Glassman searches a rack of outfit options for Geordani before settling on a black A-line dress. While this dress has a plunging neckline, Glassman has a secret to keep Geordani's cleavage in check: Chickies Cleavage Covers.

"It's a little bit of a half camisole that you just hook onto your bra," Glassman says. "Sometimes you may want to show them off, and sometimes when you want to be a little more appropriate, you put that on."

Adding a Chickies underneath the dress does the trick. What would have been a revealing look is now completely classy and chic.

"You look hot and appropriate," Glassman tells her. "Totally great."

#Adam Says is a digital series tackling all your biggest fashion questions with O, The Oprah Magazine's Creative Director, Adam Glassman.

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