03/06/2015 09:42 am ET | Updated Mar 06, 2015

13 Vegan Cheesecake Recipes So Divine, You Won't Mind That They're An Utter Oxymoron

There's something about cheesecake. It's a dish that combines two culinary power players (cheese and cake) into one opulent dessert that barely anyone can resist.

So it seems a little crude to suggest a recipe list of vegan cheesecakes to serve those who desire a dairy-free option. Shouldn't this type of human just forgo cheesecake altogether? After all, there are plenty of vegan desserts suited for a sweet-tooth that don't insult the power of cheese.

The answer is no. Before you deem cheese-less cheesecake profane or ungodly, take a gander at these vegan wonders below. They rely on ingredients like coconut milk, cashews and dates for a sweet taste and creamy texture. Go on now, look:

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