03/07/2015 02:36 pm ET | Updated Mar 07, 2015

Blackhawks Fan Wears Bandage Of Courage After Plexiglass Hits Her Face

Alexis Bovard is NHL tough -- and she's just a spectator.

Bovard was taking in her first hockey game Friday in Chicago when a player collision against the boards sent a piece of plexiglass flying into her head, The Associated Press reported.

Dazed and bloodied by the impact, Bovard was treated by the United Center staff.

But her night wasn't over. Bovard had a cloth wrapped around her head and stayed to watch the game, a 2-1 Blackhawks victory over the Edmonton Oilers, Yahoo reported.

“I’ll be making my way to get some stitches shortly," she told Sportsnet. "I was bummed it happened so early.”

Bovard recalled feeling her head throbbing right after impact and then later hearing the crowd applaud.

"It was quite the first game," she said.


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