#WhoWillYouHelp PSA Empowers Bystanders To Help Prevent Sexual Assault

03/11/2015 12:43 pm ET | Updated Mar 11, 2015

"When you do nothing, you're helping him. But when you do something, you help her."

That's the key message in a new campaign from the Ontario government, #WhoWillYouHelp. A video released by the campaign last week shows situations in which a bystander might be able to intervene -- for example when a man puts a powder into a woman's drink, or a guy is showing off intimate pictures of his girlfriend, informing the bartender and telling the guy to stop are available courses of action.

While a bystander won't always be able to safely help a woman in trouble without endangering themselves, reminding all of us that we often have the power to speak up and help potential victims of sexual assault and violence is an incredible thing.

Watch the full video above.

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