03/13/2015 11:01 am ET | Updated Mar 13, 2015

The Hazy Truth About Whether G. Love Was Stoned During 'Milk And Cereal'

"Milk and Cereal," the revered song by G. Love & Special Sauce, may be your stoner's anthem, but the band's frontman claims he wasn't baked when the song was written. Well, sort of.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri on Thursday about the band's album, "Sugar," G. Love initially claimed there was no weed involved in the genesis of the beloved song. But then the truth got a little murky.

"Yeah, we weren't high when we wrote that," G. Love said, laughing. "Well, I mean..."

G. Love said he was sitting on a bus in Chico, California, with his two background singers eating cereal when the brilliance ensued.

"I had my guitar and I just was eating a bowl of Captain Crunch or something with my eyes all glazed, and I strummed this cool chord on the guitar," then he and the background singers went back and forth creating the "silly" song.

After the track was put on a "little sampler" that came with the purchase of one of their albums at certain stores, G. Love explained that two college students from University of Vermont made a video that became a YouTube sensation.

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