Dog Chases Leash Around Table, Gets Stuck In Infinite Loop

03/16/2015 12:57 pm ET | Updated Mar 16, 2015

Ever feel like life is just one big, endlessly repetitive cycle?

You have nothing on this dog, which -- despite the obvious monotony -- seems to quite enjoy the process.

Around and around and around...

The dog's owner, Michelle Harrington, told The Huffington Post she'd bought an extra-long leash to help train Bruzer, an Australian shepherd mix. Turns out the leash was also the perfect length for a never-ending game of chase.
Harrington said they haven't tried to repeat the incident, but she has no doubts the 3-year-old pup would still go after the leash.

"He's still crazy like that," she said. "He's just a lovable dog, you pet him and he melts."

Maybe Bruzer and this puppy share a common ancestor:

Keep chasing that leash, Bruzer. You'll get there one day!

This story has been updated with comments from Michelle Harrington.

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