Watch This Chocolate Flower Bloom Right Before Your Eyes

03/20/2015 01:52 pm ET | Updated Mar 20, 2015

There are Bloomin' Onions, and then there are bloomin' chocolates.

Just in time for spring, this mystical little confection sheds its petals like a real, live, lip-smacking flower. Its interior reveals not pollen, but rather mousse, sorbet, cherries and whipped cream.


The flower is the finale of a forest-themed tasting menu at Ipsylon Restaurant in Cascais, Portugal (because duh, all the best things come from Portugal). Chef Joaquim Sousa pours hot cream over the delicate bulb, causing it to unfurl in the best way.

Sousa hasn't revealed how one could achieve this effect in a home kitchen, but we've got a feeling the rundown would look something like this. Until then, we'll keep perfecting our basic chocolate blossoms. Happy spring!

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