03/24/2015 02:10 pm ET | Updated Mar 24, 2015

Man Dresses As A Princess To Boost His Niece's Confidence, Wins Hearts Everywhere

"Sometimes you just have to be a princess."

So says Jesse Nagy, the 25-year-old uncle to Izzy, age 4, who was a little nervous to wear a princess outfit on Sunday to see "Cinderella."

To give her the confidence boost she needed, Nagy offered to accompany her in a princess outfit of his own:

"We made the trade-off and I said, 'OK, we can both be princesses,' but she had to have the crown. I thought, 'Fair enough!'" Nagy told ABC News after a photo of the pair went viral on Reddit.

"If it’s going to make her happy, I'll do it," he added. "I don’t care."

Uncle of the year, indeed.

H/T Reddit