03/25/2015 04:58 pm ET

This Is What 'Girls' Would Look Like If It Was Directed By Michael Bay

Not even the Transformers could save Michael Bay's latest project.

This new spoof of "Girls" imagines what it would be like if Bay directed the HBO series. In other words, get ready for a lot more bikinis and explosions.

Clearly, Bay isn't really the mastermind behind the project. The idea came after the video's writers and stars, Polina Frantsena and Stephanie Lynn, got tired of seeing how ridiculously sexualized women were in Hollywood blockbusters. So to prove a point, they took one of the most feminist TV shows out there and mixed in some high-octane, hyper-sexualized production to get "Hot Girls."

No offense to Lena Dunham, but from this it's clear she doesn't know struggle. Michael Bay does.