03/30/2015 10:45 am ET | Updated Mar 30, 2015

5 New Snacks You Need To Add To Your Grocery List

We've found cinnamon-toast-infused chocolate bars, jerky you'll actually want to eat, yogurt for people who thought they didn't like it and more.

By Lynn Andriani

  • An Upgrade for the Convenience-Store Munchie
    Courtesy of Three Jerks
    Banish the thought of those leathery, chemical-pumped sticks sold in gas stations and meet the new beef jerky. It has an easy-to-chew texture, zero strange ingredients and a meaty, smoky taste (plus, it's a protein-packed pick-me-up). Two we're loving are Three Jerks and 44 Farms. The former is made in Venice, Calif., from 100 percent filet mignon beef and comes in original, Memphis BBQ and chipotle adobo. The latter, from Cameron, Texas, is available in smoked and "Texas kicked." Both give the old go-to carrots and hummus a serious run for their money.
  • Newfangled Ways to Eat Really Old Grains
    Courtesy of BoomChickaPuff
    Whether you call them "ancient" or "whole" grains, quinoa, kamut, farro and others have become the cool kids of the carb world. And they're continuing to show up in salty, crunchy snacks. There's the cheese puff-esque Boom Chicka Puff, made with non-GMO corn, quinoa and sorghum (a cereal grain); the white cheddar flavor is addictive. On the more traditional (but no less tasty) end of the snack spectrum is Tiny But Mighty popcorn. The company uses Iowa-grown, heirloom kernels that are practically hull-less, which means you won't have to pick those annoying shells out of your teeth.
  • Yogurt for People Who Think They Don't Like Yogurt
    Courtesy of Blue Hill
    As the protein-rich probiotic shakes off its only-for-breakfast, only-with-fruit-and-granola rep, we're seeing innovative ways to serve and eat this healthy snack. Blue Hill, which has a farm and a restaurant run by chef Dan Barber, has begun selling the dairy product in surprising flavors such as carrot, sweet potato, beet, butternut squash, tomato and parsnip. Unexpectedly delicious, the savory yogurts are just as fantastic straight from the container as they are mixed into dressings and dips.
  • An Indian-Spiced Spin on Chips
    Courtesy of Kettle Brand
    There may not be an end in sight for the sriracha craze, but other Southeast Asian ingredients are infiltrating the snack scene, too, with lemongrass and other spices leading the charge. Kettle Brand, which is known for its thicker, seasoned potato chips, just launched a Red Curry flavor that's a little spicy, but also sweet, too. We've also fallen for Bandar's Lentil Crisps, which are inspired by Indian poppadums, have a lighter texture and are flavored with cumin, as well as green chili and garlic.
  • An Excuse to Eat Breakfast at Any Hour
    Courtesy of Chuao Chocolatier
    Now that we've perfected the art of toast (yes, restaurant-worthy toast is a thing), we're seeing the classic morning food's comforting, buttery taste appearing in everything from tea to chocolate bars. The most a.m.-appropriate we like is Republic of Tea's HiCAF Cinnamon Toast tea; it has more caffeine than coffee and is great with a splash of milk. However, we wouldn't judge you for nibbling on Chuao Chocolatier's new Cinnamon Cereal Smooch or Strawberry Waffle Wild bars before noon. They incorporate cinnamon toast cereal; as well as tart, dried strawberries and crispy waffles, into milk chocolate. And if you're still jonesing for breakfast at midnight, try B.T. McElrath's Buttered Toast chocolate bar, made with lightly browned bread crumbs.


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