7 Times Every Pregnant Woman Could Relate To Duchess Kate

03/31/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated May 12, 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge always has it together. Whether she's making a royal appearance, tending to George or playing cricket, it seems as though there is never a hair out of place.

But, as any pregnant woman will tell you, not every day is a glowing skin and perfect hair day. Between swollen feet, aches and pains and even the occasional wedgie, there are some fashion woes no woman is spared from -- even if she is royalty. During her second pregnancy, the duchess undoubtedly dealt with at least some of these issues.

Here are seven times our favorite duchess embodied every pregnant woman's woes -- at least from the looks of these hilarious photos.

  • "Got my coat buttoned -- high five!"
    Getty Images
  • "Nice try Will, but I run the hat game."
    Getty Images
  • "Counting down the minutes until I can put my sweats back on."
    Getty Images
  • "Pregnancy hair is the BEST!"
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  • "Hang on a minute, dealing with a little wedgie situation..."
    Getty Images
  • "K but my feet are killing me."
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  • "Running home to take off my bra."
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