7 Commercials These Stars Would Rather We All Forgot About

04/08/2015 03:47 pm ET | Updated Apr 14, 2015

We all have embarrassing home movies. But for celebrities, who often grow up under the limelight, cheesy childhood moments tend to be a little more public.

Check out seven early commercials from the '80s and '90s these stars--from Jennifer Lawrence to Leonardo DiCaprio-- might not want to remember... but the Internet never forgets.

When Jennifer Lawrence was a super sweet 16-year-old.

When Cameron Diaz starred in this incredibly weird Coke ad.

When Jennifer Aniston tried her hardest to make Lynx deodorant sexy.

When a very young Russell Crowe showed off his poofy hair in a commercial for an Aussie bank.

When Anne Hathaway made an adorkable argument for landline phones.

When a very young Naomi Watts got passionate about tampons.

When Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that his childhood diet was mostly made of Kraft cheese.

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