04/10/2015 04:07 pm ET | Updated Apr 10, 2015

Amy Schumer Wants You To Know 2015's All About The Backside

This year, it's all about the derriere. Just ask Amy Schumer.

While chatting with Conan O'Brien on "Conan" this week, the "Inside Amy Schumer" star declared 2015 the "year of the ass."

“All of a sudden, after the 'Anaconda' Nicki Minaj music video and Iggy Azalea, people are like, getting on board with the ass," Schumer said.

Judging by this promo, it's clear Schumer's not joking around:


  • 1 What's that hiding backstage?
    Katla McGlynn
    At 17 feet tall, it's hard to miss.
  • 2 Why, it's a giant Conan bobblehead!
    Katla McGlynn
  • 3 There it is, in all its glory.
    Members of Team Coco work just underneath its massive stance. How's that for a desk ornament? Photo courtesy of Rusty Blazenhoff
    Katla McGlynn
    The chin might take a bit more after Jay Leno, but don't tell Conan that.
  • 5 Not far from the bobblehead, you'll find 'Conan The Conqueror'
    Katla McGlynn
    This painting by Giulliano Palladino turns Coco into a disproportional, sandle-wearing God.
  • 6 You'll also find signs from past sketches on the show.
    Katla McGlynn
    Out of context, still funny.
  • 7 Over by 'The Greener Room,' you'll see more Conan art.
    Katla McGlynn
    "Conan & Andy Playing With Blimp" by Arash Rod, Australia.
  • 8 All of it is made by fans.
    Katla McGlynn
    "Archer Delight" by Colby Swanstone, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • 9 And is definitely frame worthy.
    Katla McGlynn
    "A Wordy Host" by Josh Mirman, Brooklyn, New York.
  • 10 Inside The Greener Room, you'll find 'Rockabilly Conan'
    Katla McGlynn
    Lips on Canvas by Natalie Irish (Wait, lips?).
  • 11 Around the corner, there are life-size (and larger) sculptures of Conan.
    Katla McGlynn
    Including his comic book character, "The Flaming C" made out of legos, a slightly smaller bobblehead and a statue made entirely out of pencils and zipties.
  • 12 Here's a closer look at 'The Flaming C' made out of Legos.
    Katla McGlynn
    It was made by artist Nathan Sawaya and there's even a cool, time-lapse video of its creation.
  • 13 And here's a better look at Colored Pencil/Zip Tie Conan.
    Created by Federico Uribe. Freaky, right? Photo courtesy of Rusty Blazenhoff
  • 14 It's hard to believe, but this one wasn't even modeled after Conan.
    Katla McGlynn
    Hanging in the Team Coco Digital offices, this piece by Katherine Krebs bears an uncanny resemblance to a forlorn Conan sitting at a bar. It's not Conan, but they hung it up anyway.
  • 15 These, however, were.
    Katla McGlynn
    Team Coco gets so much cool fan art, they hardly know what to do with it all. But hey, we could totally see this fine art-inspired Conan hanging in our office if they need some space *wink*.