04/12/2015 12:55 pm ET | Updated Apr 12, 2015

'SNL' Imagines Hillary Clinton's Presidential Announcement

"Saturday Night Live" kicked off its Taraji P. Henson-hosted episode with a sketch imagining how Hillary Clinton is getting ready to announce her presidential bid.

Clinton is expected to formally say on Sunday that she is jumping into the 2016 race. "SNL"'s skit showed the former secretary of state -- played by Kate McKinnon -- preparing to reveal the big news.

With the help of an assistant (Vanessa Bayer), Clinton attempted to seem relatable and humble in a video message to be posted on social media. "Personal and intimate? Yes, I better take off this jacket then," Clinton said as she stripped off a suit jacket, only to reveal an identical one underneath. "SNL" fans also got a nice surprise when Darrell Hammond appeared in the sketch to reprise his Bill Clinton impression.


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