04/19/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated Apr 19, 2015

Stunning Photos Show Italy Like You've Never Seen It Before

A new exhibition in Milan showcases some absolutely stunning views of Italy, depicting the tourist mecca as we’ve never seen it before.

Encompassing some 70 years of Italy’s history and featuring the work of dozens of foreign and local photographers, “Italy Inside Out” offers a chance to examine the people, events and off-the-beaten-path locations that make up Italy.

From a stunning panorama of Capri to the piercing gaze of a schoolgirl in Palermo, let these photographs take you on a journey to Italy that no tour package can offer--one that takes an intimate glimpse into a country’s soul.

  • Francesco Jodice
  • Giovanni Chiaramonte
    Trapani, 1999
  • Nino Migliori
    From “People of Emilia," 1957
  • Pietro Donzelli
    Delta of the Po river, 1950s
  • Domingo Milella
    Polignano a Mare, southern Italy, 2008
  • Vincenzo Castella
    Milan, 2013
  • Riverboom
    Florence vs. the world, 2013
  • Letizia Battaglia
    Palermo, La Cala quarter
  • Silva Camporesi
    From "The Third Venice," 2011
  • Franco Fontana
    Modena, 2000
  • Gabriele Basilico
    Rome, 2007
  • Claudio Sabatino
    Pompei, 2000
  • Federico Patellani
    Matera, 1953

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