04/21/2015 03:24 pm ET | Updated Apr 21, 2015

These Asian Moms And Their Kids Are Scary-Good At Imitating Each Other

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even if it's an imitation of the way your kid complains.

In a new video, Buzzfeed staffers teamed up with their Asian moms to take turns riffing on how the other complains, handles phone calls, drives or -- in the kids' cases -- acts "American." (Hint: that one involves always eating burritos and loving hip hop. Touchè.)

Those of us with Asian moms can probably relate to the parents' good-natured worrying, complaints their child is always busy and reminders to take their fish oil. And while the kids nail impressions of their moms saying "I love you," one thing we Asian kids know Mom does not love: Swear words. Cut!

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