04/21/2015 04:46 pm ET | Updated Apr 28, 2015

29 Photos That Capture The Beautiful Blur That Is The First Two Weeks Of Parenthood

Moms and dads tend to describe the first weeks of parenthood as an exhausting, confusing, amazing, life-changing blur. But their pictures from those first days say even more than that.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for photos that represent their first two weeks of parenthood. Here are 29 of those heartwarming, tear-jerking, humorous and all-too-familiar photos:

  • 1
    Paige Moore
    Lots of falling in love. For the first time and again with the best daddy in the world. You spend so much time worrying about what kind of mother you will be, it's such a relief when you are blown away at what type of father your S.O. can be.
  • 2
    Melissa Hope O'Brien
    Happiness smile emoticon with a side of exhaustion
  • 3
    Stef A Kramer
    Husband was deployed, so lots of face timing!
  • 4
    Courtney Senk-Pearson
    Our first few hours home from the hospital were... Fun!
  • 5
    Nadya Helt
    First night was rough. This is the morning after.
  • 6
    Courtney Watson
    Stuck in the ICU fighting heart failure due to delivery complications (severe toxemia/fluid overload). Daddy snuck baby in a few times for a visit because I was terribly depressed having only held him a couple of times & had to go days without seeing him frown emoticon 2.5 years later and all is perfect, but the first few weeks were by far the hardest thing I've ever lived through.
  • 7
    My husband the first week my daughter was born. Trying to meet the needs of the fur baby and the new baby.
  • 8
    Whitney Tanke
  • 9
    Justine DeMeo
    My first 2 weeks at home with our newborn, Dylan, were mostly spent snuggling, nursing on the couch or in bed. Those moments were so special because it was just the two of us, mommy and son, getting to know one another... But, those moments only lasted so long until his 3 year old brother would come along looking to play, or need something (a snack, milk, or just to whine! Haha)...this picture represents our life, two boys needing their mommy
  • 10
    Natalie Henning
    This photo was taken in the PACU after my C-section, after working hard at 21 hours of labor, and being awake for almost two days straight. The first time holding my sweet boy! Pure exhaustion (which embodies the first two weeks of parenthood) but more than that - pure love and adoration for our little guy that we just brought into this world. I don't know that mothers of C-section babies get all the credit they deserve, but no matter how a child is brought into the world or the life of a parent (whether it be adoption, gestational carrier, born at home, hospital, side of the road, or whether it's a healthy baby, pre-term, or sadly, stillborn -- ALL mothers are amazing beings as well as their loving significant others. We stick together because we have one thing in common: crazy love for those sweet little darlings. Becoming a parent in any way changes you, it makes you better, it can break your heart ... but it is so worth it.
  • 11
    Becky Sebright-King
    Unexpectedly festive (arriving 2.5 weeks early)... And euphorically overwhelming.
  • 12
    Alison Chrun
    With baby #2 big brother was very happy.
  • 13
    Melissa Pheterson
    Me and my son Samuel, now 6.
  • 14
    Jennifer Wargo
  • 15
    Christine Foehrkolb
  • 16
    Jyn Armstrong
    My son, Raven, spent the first month of his life in NICU because he was born via emergency C-section 9 weeks early. So the first two weeks of our lives as parents were spent inside NICU.
  • 17
    Lynsey Jones
  • 18
    Carmaleta Ann B. Billups
    Tired daddy trying to put on a smile for the camera
  • 19
    Orva-Lee Jurado
    Celebrating things people wouldn't think of, like this, it was my first time feeding my son. He's 3 weeks old today and bringing him home isn't even in discussion yet.
  • 20
    This is my lovely wife Luisa and our 1 day young son Julian, born via emergency C-section. Took this candid picture while I watch the bond begin.
  • 21
    Mary Anne
    Daddy in love with his 9 day old little girl. We live in Vermont, we try to get some sun through the window.
  • 22
    Kristi Lynn Vollman
  • 23
    Wendy Lyle
  • 24
    Desiree Holdeman
  • 25
    Shannon May Najem
    One of my favorite photos ever. My twins were born 3 weeks early and had some issues after birth. I worried my entire pregnancy that I would go home before my babies and that I would be separated from something I shouldn't be away from for even a second. I wound up being discharged not knowing when my babies would come home. I was practically forced to leave them. I was broken-hearted. I sat, completely despondent, for hours with my mom while my husband and dad were at the hospital with the babies. To make a long story short, the babies wound up coming home exactly four hours after I came home. The longest, most gut wrenching four hours of my life. Then we got to go get them and load them into the car for our ride home. This was our going home shot. You can see the emotion overflowing out of me. I will always remember that moment.
  • 26
    Jill Tiller
    Using my two year old as a boppy while nursing my newborn. They both needed Mommy, Daddy just didn't cut it at the moment.
  • 27
    Catherine Rice
    Spent it in the NICU with my two pound baby
  • 28
    Victoria Baird
  • 29
    JoEllen Ruckman
    Constant kisses. I just couldn't get enough of her! Simply indescribable joy!


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