04/21/2015 07:53 am ET

The 7 Most Glamorous Grandmas In The World

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

"Grandma" is no longer a term that makes us imagine older women baking cookies and knitting sweaters. And many celebrity grandmothers are proving just that with their blossoming careers, ageless looks and unstoppable attitudes.

In case you hadn't heard, our future president may even be a grandma. Many grandmas can still fit into their daughters' clothes. Some of them even refuse to be called "grandma." To prove our point, here are some of the world's most glamorous grandmothers:

  • 1 Carole Middleton
    CARL COURT via Getty Images
    At 60, Carole Middleton has an incredible figure that would rival both of her daughters'. The royal grandma has even shared outfits with her daughter, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, on a number of occasions.

    So it's no surprise that the stylish grandmother was voted the most glamorous grandma in a 2013 poll. We can't wait to see what she steps out in when her second grandchild is delivered.
  • 2 Goldie Hawn
    John Shearer/Invision/AP
    It's hard to believe that Goldie Hawn will be turning 70 later this year! Hawn has five grandchildren, three from her son, actor Oliver Hudson, and two from her lookalike daughter, Kate Hudson.

    Though Hawn was elated at the arrival of her grandchildren, she admits she wasn't so happy about being labeled a grandma. In her memoir, "A Lotus Grows In The Mud," Hawn said the term has "connotations of old age and decrepitude.” She added that Oliver "decided I should be called ‘Glam-Ma,’ which I thought was quite brilliant and made us all laugh so hard.” Glam-Ma Goldie kind of has a ring to it, don't you think?
  • 3 Kris Jenner
    Anthony Harvey via Getty Images
    Kind of like Goldie, grandmother of four Kris Jenner prefers to stay away from the grandma moniker. "At first I was Grandma, and all of a sudden I didn't like the way that sounded," Jenner told People in a 2013 interview."They call me Lovey."

    The full-time momager is just as stylish as her brood of famous daughters, even sharing clothes with daughter Kim. Jenner, who turns 60 later this year, says her home feels like a bit of an empty nest with most of her children growing up and moving out. She's also said she's eager to have more grandchildren, which would make the nest feel a lot less empty.
  • 4 Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the presidency just a short time ago, meaning she could possibly not only be the first female US president, but also the first "grandma-in-chief." Clinton has said the birth of her granddaughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, has changed her outlook immensely. "Having that next generation right there and thinking about everything you want to do both personally but in our cases, publicly and professionally, to give that child the best chance in life to be all he or she can be, that is profoundly moving to me," Clinton told People. We love how she's not letting the title dictate her political ambitions.
  • 5 Jessica Lange
    Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
    Though she's best known for her wide range of acting roles, including her latest role on the hit series "American Horror Story," Jessica Lange has a softer side in real life. The 65-year-old actress has published a children's book which she first created as a handmade Christmas gift for her granddaughters. Amazing.
  • 6 Blythe Danner
    With grandchildren who have unusual names like Apple and Moses, simply being grandma just won't do. Blythe Danner's daughter, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed that the grandmother had an even stranger nickname request from her grandkids. "My mom’s hot and she didn’t want to be called Grandma. So she kept trying to make the Woof thing stick. It’s even her email address," Paltrow said. It seems the kids didn't take the bait, even though she still isn't called grandma. Instead, Danner revealed her grandchildren call her "Lalo."
  • 7 Priscilla Presley
    Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
    Priscilla Presley, who turns 70 this year, is still as glamorous as ever. She's still as beautiful as we remember her in the '60s and '70s when she was married to the late rock legend, Elvis Presley. At times, she could even be mistaken for daughter Lisa Marie. Presley has several grandchildren, including actress and model Riley Keough. She's busied herself with many activities, including activism and preserving Elvis' legacy. In 2008 she even did a turn showing off her moves on "Dancing With The Stars."