04/22/2015 12:37 pm ET | Updated Apr 23, 2015

What Happens When Juice Cleanses Get WAY Out Of Hand

Donuts are better anyway and you know it.

If you've never tried a juice cleanse, it can make you a little ornery. Suddenly, everyone is eating the most deliciously solid food you've ever seen BUT YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK SO GOOD IN A FEW DAYS!

Funny Or Die pulls the curtain away to reveal the ugly side of juice cleanse fads. There are better ways to diet, people. And solid foods can be pretty great.


  • 1 Anytime... Except Now
    Let's hope that McDonald's location isn't open 24-hours.
  • 2 Nutritional Snacks
    And this whole time we thought the produce aisle was our ticket to weight loss.
  • 3 Seriously?
    Then again, the smell alone would make us run faster.
  • 4 Cakelicious Curves
    Too close for comfort.
  • 5 Is This How They Keep People Coming Back?
    Next they'll start giving out free shots at AA meetings.
  • 6 Don't Look To Your Left
    How many people leave one business and head straight for the other?
  • 7 Which One Do You Think Is More Popular?
    Cake always wins.
  • 8 Don't Look Down Either
    Weight Watchers should probably just stay out of strip malls all together.
  • 9 Seems Legit
    "Empty Calories" are a good thing, right?
  • 10 Field Trip
    The trick is that they have to walk home.
  • 11 Caesar's Invading Again
    Getting in shape is nice, but... FIVE DOLLAR PIZZA.
  • 12 Decisions, Decisions
    One of these just has a tastier ring to it.
  • 13 Eat Your Vegetables
    And by that we mean trail mix, cookies and wine.
  • 14 Mix And Match?
    If you eat one followed by the other, they cancel each other out. That's how it works, right?
  • 15 Death By Chocolate?
    Listen Mr. Mischer, there's a resolution at stake here.
  • 16 Temptation From Below
    Do they have to make you walk past the ice cream shop to get to the gym?
  • 17 Lurking In The Background